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Instagram Stories – What are they and who’s watching them? 

Have you ever watched our instagram stories? 

Let’s start over… do you know what instagram stories are (mom?!)? Yes? Amazing. Now, are you watching them? 

This is where all the magic happens.  It also gives you more frequent updates of where we are and what we’re doing.  Didn’t know that Matt lost his drone in a tree? Never heard about that time we had a stand off with an elk on the road to Fern Canyon? Not really sure where we’ve been? Well than you should probably start watching our stories live!

Don’t want more frequent updates? That’s ok too. But don’t expect to receive a Dirty Darlings christmas card this year. 

Instagram stories are kind of like the new home video for millennials. Pro: they capture the essence of the moment of your average day. Con: Apple has ruined the creation of video by making everything vertical.

Side rant (this is me speaking for Matt): “Who makes vertical videos?! This is blasphemy. We can’t do anything with these stories because they’re all shot vertically!? Useless.”  I’m sure I’m not doing a proper job of emphasizing the outrage of the situation, but I hope you get the point. And I do not disagree. 

Ok, back to the point. I can’t stand that the stories only last for 24 hours. So each night as I’m going to bed I save our story from the day. I have yet to find an easy and free video editor to combine these videos so I’ve resulted to youtube playlists to watch the multiple daily videos as one. 

It’s a temporary solution. Maybe we’ll feel motivated to start shooting real video and editing it into something special in the coming months. Stay tuned.  


Until then, watch a replay of our daily instagram stories here: 

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