Map Routes by Month

/Map Routes by Month

Map Routes by Month

Here are a few quick road stats as well as a map showing the approximate route we’ve covered during the month. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about any of our stops!  We’ll continue to update this post at the end of each month. 

September 2017 

Month 1: Days 1-30 on the road
Non-stop drive time: 52hr 3 min
Simple mileage: 2,868 miles
Our mileage: ~3,200 miles
States covered: California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming

October 2017 

Month 2 : Days 31-61 on the road
Non-stop drive time: 53hr 54 min
Simple mileage: 2,861 miles
Our mileage: ~3,600 miles
States covered: Wyoming, Montana (sort of), Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada

November 2017 

Month 3 : 
Non-stop drive time: 
Simple mileage: 
Our mileage: 
States covered: Nevada, Utah
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