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5 San Francisco Brands I Will Never Leave Behind

5 San Francisco Brands I Will Never Leave Behind  I've always been a 'shopper'. In San Francisco I grew to love shopping local and supporting small businesses. This was something San Francisco always made easy with the abundance of motivated entrepreneurs creating amazing things.  I don't do much shopping anymore, but these brands created what are still my favorite 'things'.    [...]

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How Much Does Vanlife Cost?

How Much Does Vanlife Cost?  A cost analysis of vanlife from a real life accountant  We knew vanlife would be fun, challenging and eye-opening. One question remained much less certain - how much would vanlife cost? As an accountant, I (Megan) did a little budgeting and estimating for what our life on the road might cost.  I focused on [...]

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September Journal – 30 Days on the Road

Matt has been hounding me about putting more on the blog without putting so much effort into 'making it perfect'. I think we have slightly different ideas in our head of what we want the blog to be.  We keep a lot of different records about what we're doing because we both know our memories aren't the most powerful. At the end of everyday [...]

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Kirk Creek Campground, Big Sur

A weekend camping at Kirk Creek Campground in Big Sur, CA We kicked off our inaugural #vanlife weekend at Kirk Creek Campground in Big Sur with some of our best friends.   Where we Stayed:   Kirk Creek Campground lies right on the cliffs of the Big Sur coastline.  It has creek and ocean access from the campground and hiking trailheads across [...]

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Olympic National Park, WA

A weekend camping at Lake Crescent & exploring the Olympic National Park We spent a wonderful and goofy three days camping at Lake Crescent (or is it Crescent Lake...) in the Olympic National Park celebrating our dear friends' 5th Anniversary.  Where we Stayed:   Log Cabin Resort: The grounds are right on the lake and include cabins, RV sites and tent [...]

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Staying Positive When Shit Hits the Fan

Staying Positive When Shit Hits the Fan We’re now over two weeks in and we haven't produced a single blog post. That goes against almost every goal we set for the blog before we started on this journey. Excuses aren’t really our thing but we’ve had quite the adventurous start to our adventure. There are many feelings and thoughts swirling around [...]

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Limekiln Campground, Big Sur

Best Camping in California || Limekiln SP, Big Sur (and hear the story of how Megan impressed Matt on their first camping trip together) Big sur is one of my favorite places to camp in California. So much so that we’ll actually be kicking off our first weekend of full-time #vanlife in Big Sur with some friends. As I’m in the final stages [...]

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Featured: A Man, A Van, A Plan

Most of the blog is written from my (Megan's) point of view. But believe it or not Matt and I both have unique path's that brought us both to this thing they call #vanlife (and each other).  While I crave a fuel for adventure, passion and creativity on the road, Matt's vanlife idea first started around a desire for community and belonging. Have you [...]

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