We (a.k.a. The Dirty Darlings a.k.a. Matt, Megan, Vanna White a.k.a. struggleteamsix) left our comfortable San Francisco lifestyles (including dream jobs, rent controlled apartments and all of our friends) to see, hear, and feel all the beauty our US of A has to offer to ultimately find where we “belong”.We are paradoxically here on the internet to inspire you to get outside. Whether you are exploring your backyard or the North Pole, we want to encourage you to go for it- adventure is worth it. Outside of your home, outside of your routine, outside of your comfort zone. After all, comfort is overrated.


Matt is an outdoor lifestyle photographer and lover of things that are hard to get. He feels alive getting his camera in front of raw, candid moments that will never happen again and he strives to share moments that make you want to live adventurously.

His mantras include, but are not limited to:


I choose this.

Squats for life.

You can do one more of anything.


Megan is a creative junky.

Accountant by day (sometimes night) and an adventure seeker on the regular.  She’s on a mission to prove to the world that accountants know how to have fun.

She believes that there is more outside of California and wants the first hand experience of what more looks like.

She eats pipe dreams for breakfast and can live off of smiles, corn and coffee.


Vanna is a 2006 Dodge/Mercedes Sprinter 3500.

She’s decked out with a 400 watt solar system, fridge/freezer, sink with electric pump, two burner stove, breakfast nook, toilet, wine rack, awning, insulated curtains, hardwood floors and two adventure buddies to appreciate every inch of her.

She feels just as much at home resting her head for the night under an urban street light as she does sleeping under the milky way.

She’s looking for suggestions for the best back roads in the US.